Prof. Svetla Torbova, MD, Ph.D.

profTorbova-Prof. Torbova is a Chairwoman of the Board of BHL since 2006, a founding member of BLH in 1992 and a Deputy Chairwoman since 1996 till 2006.

Prof. Torbova started working on problems of arterial hypertension (AH) at the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases since 1971, first as a chief investigator of honorary theme for AH of the Ministry of Health, Assistant Professor in the Cardiology Clinic, profiled in AH, Head of the Scientific Panel on cardiovascular epidemiology and prevention.

She participated as a first author in all guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension in Bulgaria since 1974.

An author of the monography “Arterial hypertension”, issued in 1994.

An editor of the “Handbook of Hypertension” published in 2006 and many other books .

Over 200 scientific papers on arterial hypertension.

A specialist in Cardiology,Rheumatology and Internal Diseases.

Since 2005, a specialist in Clinical hypertension of the European Society of Hypertension (ESC).

A lecturer and presenter of 4 ESC courses in hypertension.