Diana Tchinarska, MD

Diana Marinova Chinarska, MD
Address: 103 “Y.Yovkov” str., Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone +359888658585
E-mail Diana_Tch@Yahoo.com
Date and placeof birth –  01 10 1949, Sofia

Work Experience:

• Dates (from-to)
From 2001 to present -Individual general medical practice

 1997-2000 – Individual Contract-Libya, town of Misurata – Rehabilitatsionene health center to the Health Insurance Institute, a member of the MCC, internist

From 1990-1997 – in “N.P.Pirogov” – Consultant Internist in the Department of Thermal Trauma and Plastic Surgery

From 1987 to 1990, Libya, town of Adzhedabiya Regional Hospital as an internist in an internal compartment.

From  1979 to 1987 First Workers’ Hospital in Sofia, Cardiology department, Intensive care and functional diagnostics, internist.

From 1975 to 1979 Regional Hospital Radomir – intern in the Internal medicine department.

 Education and Training: 

• Dates (from-to)
1986 – Specialization in Cardiology at the National Hospital for Cardiovascular Diseases-Sofia

1685 – Specialization in Nuclear cardiology, Medical University-Sofia

1984 Specialization in Internal Medicine, Medical University -Sofia

1975 Graduation in Medical Academy-Sofia, Faculty of Medicine