Patient Centered Meetings (PCM) 24-27 January 2019 – Vienna, Austria

Patient Centered Meetings (PCM)
24-27 January 2019 | Vienna, Austria
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24-27 January, 2019|Vienna, Austria


Dear colleagues,
We are excited to announce the inauguration of a new series of medical education experience – Patient Centered Meeting. The first will focus on diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia.
Our aim is to empower clinicians managing patients with these major risk factors. The program is designed to move beyond the traditional lectures to emphasize the translation of current knowledge to clinical practice. We will present and discuss a wide range of topics from structured algorithms and protocols to controversial conditions; from common clinical situations to challenging complex high risk and difficult to treat patients; and most importantly, from guidelines to personalized medicine.
In addition to the workshops, case studies, meet the experts sessions and round table discussions, you will be able to share your own clinical cases that will allow your peers to learn from at the Poster sessions.
A team of leading experts will be there for you and we are confident that the insights and tools you will obtain from the meeting will be implemented in your clinics
We look forward to see you in Vienna, and hope that the meeting would provide you with an enriching, empowering as well as applicable experience.
Prof. Yehonatan Sharabi
Organizing Committee 
Dr. Peter Lansberg
Scientific Committee​ Chair
Prof. Derek Leroith
Scientific Committee​ Chair


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