Prof. Snezhanka Tisheva, MD.Ph.D.

Prof. Snezhanka Tisheva was born on January 2nd, 1960 in the town of Asenovo, region of Pleven. She graduated from the Medical Institute in Pleven in 1983. From August 1st, 1984 Prof. Tisheva was appointed as an assistant at the Department of Cardiology in Pleven. Her mentor was Cyril Chichovski (Department of Cardiology at the Medical university of Pleven bears his name now). In 1990 and 1992 she was appointed senior and chief assistant respectively.  In 2003 Prof. Tisheva acquired Ph.D. in Cardiology. The same year she became Head of the Department of Cardiology and Rheumatology and promoted as an associate professor in 2006.

Prof. Tisheva has attended a lot of specialization courses  in Bulgaria and foreign countries – Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Austria, France, Greece and others.